Title Search Outsourcing Four Advantages That Small Companies Could Expect

Published: 25th June 2012
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There is no doubt that the role played by small business mortgage processors is lengthy, tedious and complicated. To be specific, they face many challenges in the pre-closing stage of loan processing. This is a delicate stage where title search outsourcing is needed to help a small business close numerous loans as quickly as possible. Title search is a procedure that enables loan processors to authenticate property titles. It can be done by the in-house loan processers. The drawback to this, however, is that the in-house teams employed by many small businesses are small and accountable for many activities.

So it is possible that each phase of loan processing is assigned to only a few employees. The role of title searching does not only require participation of many professionals but also those who are conversant in the subject of property title ownership in the U.S. Small lending companies can use the title search outsourcing technique to speed up the process of closing a loan. Outsourcing enables a small enterprise to give the difficult task of searching for real property titles to a third party that specializes in this area. By doing this an enterprise can expect the following four advantages.

Expert title processing - Title search outsourcing allows a mortgagor to meet a team of professionals who process titles on a daily basis. They know where to find public records and how to peruse them competently and swiftly. Equipped with legal knowledge, these experts conduct their business in total compliance with the country's housing rules and regulations. In addition, since they work in a big group, they can approach a title problem in diverse perspectives than a single underwriter who works for a small enterprise.

Maximize staff use - As soon as the outsourced company assumes the duty of investigating title deeds, the internal employees who are responsible for this are set free. An employer can make use of these employees to generate more sales and increase profits. They can also join other preceding stages of loan processing to quickly push paperwork toward the pre-closing stage. Some employees' roles may also become redundant once the title search outsourcing service is hired. This means that a small company can reduce or get rid of office overheads such as the cost of retraining and training, monthly salaries, health perks and workers' insurance among other things.

Swift and accountable processing - The main goal of title search outsourcing is to save time. The saved time per title search can be used to process other incoming orders. Many external loan processors have huge teams of professionals who carry out each task together. They are, therefore, more lucrative than a small team of internal processors. Furthermore, a hired external service provider takes full responsibility of its outcome as soon as it signs a contract with the owner of a small company.

Additional services - Anyone who has bought a home before knows that the key thing required ahead of closing a loan is a loan policy. Simply described as a lender's title insurance, a loan policy protects a property lender against any financial losses that might occur during the term of the mortgage loan. Title search outsourcing includes a search for a title insurance policy provider as well. If a home buyer decides to insure the full value of the house, an external title processor can also help with the search of an owner policy.

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